Give your listing a new perspective


We use high quality equipment to produce beautifully cinematic, fully stabilized shots of the interior, exterior, and aerial (drone) exterior of the property.

  • Ultra HD Resolution
  • Fully Stabilized, Smooth Motion
  • Wide-Angle Lens for Interior Video
  • Comprehensive Exterior Coverage
  • Safe and Certified

Safety & Compliance

In accordance with Transport Canada, our staff are Advance Certified RPAS Pilots (where necessary) to allow commercial UAV/RPAS/Drone operations on Vancouver Island.

Co-ordination with NavCanada (airspace operator) is necessary 48 hours in advance for flights which occur within 5 nautical miles (9.26 kilometers) of an airport (Victoria Int’l or Victoria Habour).

How much do you charge?

See our products & pricing page!

How much additional time is req'd for drone flight?

Generally, less than one hour is required to obtain drone aerial videos. This could be longer depending on the complexity of the flight plan as determined by the technician while on-site.

Can you fly with less than 48 hours notice?

If the property is not located within an airport control zone, then we can fly with less notice.

Are there any weather restrictions?

Yes, we may only fly without any precipitation, and with less than 50km/h wind speed or gusts. Cloud cover or fog can also prevent flight as we require line-of-sight to the aircraft at all times.

Can I make special requests or "direct" the video?

We strive to obtain “comprehensive” coverage of the property and have “patterns” which have proven to be visually appealing. Therefore, is it not generally necessary to direct our staff or make special flight requests.