We’re a small, dedicated team of professionals.

  • Cheryl Fraser
    Cheryl Fraser Operations Manager
  • Graham McMicken
    Graham McMickenTechnical Manager
  • Alice Meilleur
    Alice MeilleurClient Relations Manager
  • Adrien Cozart
      Adrien CozartTechnician (South Island)
    • Hayley West
        Hayley WestTechnician (South Island)
      • Jacob Hagan
          Jacob HaganTechnician (South Island)
        • Ryan Watson
            Ryan WatsonTechnician (Central Island)
          • Josh Baiton
              Josh BaitonTechnician (South Island)
            • Sarah Vowles
                Sarah VowlesTechnician (Central Island)
              • Laura Lefurgey-Smith
                  Laura Lefurgey-SmithTechnician (Central Island)
                • Savannah Vandekamp
                    Savannah VandekampMatterport VR Tech (South Island)
                  • Tim Allix
                      Tim AllixUAV Pilot & VR Tech (Central Island)

                    Pragmatic and energetic, our team will go above and beyond to offer you simply the best experience in the industry.